Senior Boom

New trends don’t exclusively come from the young generations, mind you! The number of septuagenarians that conceive old age as something way more complex and interestingly challenging rather than as a passive phase of their life has been growing steadily. They have given origin to new styles in aesthetics and consumption: they are a paradigm that brands should be prepared to face.

Schermata 2018-06-27 alle 16.46.38Ari Seth Cohen started his Advanced Style in 2006 as a photoblog (something like The Sartorialist for over 65s), the project then developed in two books and a film. Cohen believes that elder people (not everyone, of course) have a deep understanding of their style , something that transpires through minute details. His photos and commenting focus on the idea that fashion in a later stage of life is a stratification, it builds on past experiences instead of being just and homologation means as happens with younger generations.

Two Nextatlas trends have been monitoring this scenario for quite some time: New Aging and Platinum Age. Baby Boomers in the USA, now from 52 to 70 years of age, roughly 10% of the world’s population, are today active, follow healthy diets, are affluent and can afford comprehensive insurances: thye are influent consumers.
As with other targets and even more, when designin products its not just function to keep in mind but aesthetics and symbolic values, too.

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A recentNYTimes article notes how the arty part of the demographic have invaded Instagram and face aging bravely and with pride, even in their style that mingle Margiela, thorn jeans and antique jewelry. It is not age to determine how we live it’s physical aptness, our finances and mentality.

A woman in her early fifties today might be a grandmother or a mother: this is the generation that lived the 60s and 70s counterculture movements.
Instagram is emerging as a tool for both solidarity and affirmation. New faces appear and appeal brands like Mango and CVS Pharmacy but media and entertainment brands should keep an eye on them.
The maps shows how the phenomenon has spread from the West to the far East of the world, some venues of the art and design world appear to be preferred.