Temporary and unpredictable: storezapoppin’

Street food has quite an ancient history dating back to classical age Athens and Egypt of the pahraohs. Fried fish, meat skewers and soups were available streetside. A tradition that continued with the Roman Empire, in the tabernae of Pompei where sausages, bread and pancake were sold.
Today street food is the starting point for the diffusion of local and ethnic dishes, simple, tasty and often poor, that reach the curb to be rediscovered by the lunch break crowd.
Nextatlas monitored social conversations show that the countries of relevance seem to be India, Italy, Uk and France with related tags that point both to traditional cuisines and to more refined worlds, those of gourmants and probably foodporn lovers.

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It’s the instafood landscape to be prevalent, one that Nextatlas identified in trends such as Food Interface and Playful Cuisine; designa and visual aspects have become central from food preparation to presentation.

If we include this in the wider scene of retail, temporary outlets and pop-up stores have become instrumental in helping brands develop new strategies, for fashion they represent the new catwalks, for other industries what is of value is the PR buzz they generate and its power in brand building: customers are better engaged and share a sort of “mass exclusivity”. Contemporary pop-up stores examples have proven useful as testing grounds to study customers, harvest marketing data and, at the same time, offer unique experiences.

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Such a new retail form has unpredictability by its side: surprise becomes a key aspect of this retail strategy. Food, once again, will pave the way as often happens with new offering and unprecedented variations.

Nextatlas trend Ephemeral and Unexpected joins the pop-up/temporary themes to merchandising: hybrid formulation that include food together with fashion are becoming more and more common. Think of Target’s pop-up store inside the New Yorck Ice-cream museum or the temporary ethic restaurant in Chelseas Terminal Stores entirely made of recycled food containers. Instantly instagrammable.