Don’t drink on me


Millennials will go down in history as the “Generation Clean” or those who have put a conscientious lifestyle, health and attention to money as a fundamental priority. The practice of indulging in drunkenness as a rite of passage is declining in most Western developed countries. This has led to a sharp decline in the liquor market, especially for the out-of-home settings and therefore a consequent reduction in turnover of bars and clubs. A recent Mintel report that focuses on drinking away from home reveals that 55% of American consumers prefer to drink at home, 35% of which prefer to drink at home because they prefer a more intimate atmosphere.


However, healthy lifestyles go hand in hand with the “smart drinking” habit, so many bars are exploring new ways to attract customers, using technology, scientific know-how and a alternative approaches in order to enrich the drink experience. There are many examples, widespread on social media, of brands and bartenders of clubs and clubs that reinvent cocktails to involve this target, more into quality than quantity, creating new interactive storytelling, using immersive environments with sensory stimulations, augmented reality, emotional connection through memories and co-creation attempts, also to transform consumers from passive buyers to loyal ambassadors.

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It is clear, however, that these solutions with high added value can never be remedies for the whole consumer base, but will only satisfy a niche, perhaps a profitable one, but still a niche. The correlations found by Nextatlas AI between drink and millennial mainly concern beer and coffee, no trace of soft drinks, long drinks, spirits and cocktails.