Hospitals of the future – design through trends

Nextatlas workshop @ Fondazione Architettura

he theme of hospitals is very topical, with particular reference to the humanization of the care environments but also to broader considerations on architecture and interior design.

Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino and DEAR – Design Around Onlus, have taken up the challenge and in recent months have been working to transfer their planning to hospital spaces, promoting an approach that integrates design, architecture and technology.
An ambitious and innovative project for which Nextatlas has been able to provide its instruments, used in the phase of identifying trends from which to imagine the future of hospitals.

Baby Spaces is the title of the workshop that took place on 12 July with the aim of working on the humanization of some environments of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Sant’Anna University Hospital of Turin.

What are the starting points and suggestions for this shared design path?
Nextatlas answered this question by identifying and presenting, during the first meeting, 5 trends that can suggest innovative directions from which to draw inspiration and cases of international application of the same:
  1. Co-living: shared spaces, intersecting lives
  2. Soft digital: native digital, digital human, technology interaction
  3. Convenient mindfulness: Win the space and movement limitation
  4. Transitional furniture: Facilitating, transient, increasing furniture
  5. Design therapy: recognising simplicity

As a demonstration of the fact that health also depends on interior design, from September the participating architects will rethink the spaces dedicated to parents of young patients in the department trying to find the right balance between shapes, lights, colors and acoustic comfort.

At the end of the project, the project will be publicly presented in the framework of Torino Design of the City 2018 on 22 October.

The workshop will also be a pilot experience with the aim of creating a design protocol to be applied in other areas of the hospital.