Silence your journey, get a car!


In a world dominated by the word disruptive, we wonder how the so very twentieth century object named car is experienced today by those who live the Web; let’s try to understand what emerges from online conversations.

Market data tell us that the car despite sharing approaches, electrification and the ecological demands of urban centers, skipping the inevitable ups and downs of the market, has not actually suffered a sharp fall as has happened for many other product categories.

DloovjxUwAAGfL_The analysis of conversations shows that those interested in electric cars have more or less the same profile traits as those who talk and post photos and comments of internal combustion engine cars: narcissistic, male, 40-50 year old, car lover.
So there is no longer a real polarization between the two opposing audiences of polluters vs. ecologists; probably, Tesla (the best known and cited brand among electric cars) in all this has managed to reduce the gap between the two categories.

Among all the various features and technologies related to the car, the one that emerges with the most vigour is on the one hand linked to the self driving car, i.e. the car without a driver that greatly stimulates the imagination of those who surf the net, and on the other hand the trend that sees the car as a container that completely isolates from the outside world.
Today all the major luxury brands, from Mercedes to BMW, from Maserati to Rolls Royce, have already designed new cars looking in this direction, and also the new mid-range models contain more and more levels of automation, voice assistants and high-resolution external cameras.

Nextatlas has identified the trend Cocooning vessels in which the car is more and more a protective shell that allows through viewers and large windows to observe the outside as a spectacle. Protection and “silence” in their multiple meanings thus become two fundamental elements for the car journey, perceived as an increasingly detached moment in space-time and that relates to that “Tailor-made silence” sought by much of the hi-tech industry and digital devices. Design and performance therefore seem to serve this need, both in urban spaces and for long journeys.

Screenshot 2018-09-05 at 12.04.06

If we take away super and hyper cars, the stereotypical dream of the target that we saw just above, what we have to face is the desire to be in a continuous elsewhere, quite and cuddly. Is the real #carporn in the liberation from the bother of the world we have to be subjected to out there?
The luxury we all aspire to is perhaps precisely in the reconstruction of a ubiquitous and tangible intimacy.