The struggle in identifying our identities

tumblr____172296956420Identity is a central theme of contemporary reflection, especially in the social and political spheres. The recognition of the identity of a person or, better still, of a group of people united by religion, culture, country, class and various inclinations or choices are and will be the basis of the great challenges (and battles) of the coming years.

All movements, from Isis to Black Lives Matter, share the need for their members to be recognized for how they see themselves, and for this they are willing to sacrifice something.

DmwnWgxVsAciqtsA few days ago an important essay was published titled “Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment” written by the political scientist Francis Fukuyama in which he states that today the need to affirm one’s own identity is the main enemy of liberalism, a theme at the centre of his previous essay, The end of history and the last man.

On the basis of these considerations, the question we ask ourselves is how identity is understood today? On Nextaltas the conversations on identity are in part linked to brand image and logos, but there is an important part that addresses the issues of gender, religion and politics. In any case, the sentiment associated with these topics is always fear, more than love or pride, as if to say that certainties are far away.

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Identity is discussed in most of the world, but mainly in zones with low urbanization and economic growth. The profile of the profiles involved in such conversations on identity and activism is mainly of women, young or very young and with a strong, obvious, interest in civil rights.

In contrast to the past, when activism was linked to a dark and somewhat punitive aesthetic, today the colours linked to these themes are bright and warm, with references to protest signs, backgrounds of motivational sentences or iconic colours (purple for World Women’s Day).

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Of all the topics, gender is the most discussed, especially if in connection with its representation. In this case, the sentiment changes to is much optimistic than in the other instances.

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