The Business Value of AI’s Divergent Intelligence

How many times have you read or heard talking about the disruption brought by AI in today’s business? Quite a few, we’re sure but you should try and bear with us for this.

First off, there’s more than one possible AI intelligence.
We may call one convergent and the other divergent, following J.P. Guilford 1950s psychology studies. The first is really efficient in giving straight answers and shows off with its remarkable “memory”.
The second is different, it wraps itself around the problem or question one might pose: You can give it constraints and conditions and it will figure out a plethora of solutions, score them along various parameters and offer you more than one strategy to move against the obstacle.

Consider the first example in the video below:

Thinking outside the box is easier when AI does the leg work (not that literally, though).

In august 2018, a bizarre paper was published about this sort of totally unexpected AI behaviors. The creative potential shown int the numerous examples is astounding and, once correctly managed, can indeed boost the competitive advantage we are all looking for.

In this gif (video) an AI built element is given constraints of gravity and friction and has to move forward. Its solution: growing vertically and tipping over, somersaulting. Biologists noted that wheat propagation patterns go in this same direction: it grows, its ear tips over and allows for seed to grow at a certain distance.

So, this is what Nextatlas is about: bringing you the world your competitors can’t see.
Here’s one of the successful examples of divergent AI application we showcased at the 2018 Festival of Marketing in London (Oct 10th).
In this case the power of our engine became instrumental in one of last year’s most interesting M&A actions (players undisclosed). This is a successful Divergent AI application in real world, the strength of its outcome validated in real world actions by a global brand that acted while its competitors were still trying to figure out what the landscape was about to change into.

How does it work? Can I try it?
One step at the time.

The basics. Our neural network system looks out for “entities” over online information streams and figures out how some are, over time, getting closer to one another, in frequency and volume for example, predicts which couples of groups will have stronger ties, clusters them and offers to us (or you, more in a minute about this). Such new presences over the landscape are then brought to a new level and again AI considers their new nature and forecasts its future. It’s then again for us (you) to take action and move on this newborn concept, may it be a trend – as in this case – a fashion style or whatever we might want to look at.

Now for the second question. Can you try it?
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We’ll let our divergent AI work it and get back to you with something unexpected and useful!