The Tory Breakfast

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 22.58.28What do you think of when breakfast is mentioned? Every nation and every culture has a pretty clear and precise idea of breakfast. Every country has always had its own fixed breakfast rules. Bacon and eggs in Great Britain, miso soup and grilled fish in Japan, cereals in America, chocolate rice pudding seasoned with dried salted fish in the Philippines, coffee and milk and croissants in France and Italy…┬áDespite the profound changes that our diets have undergone in terms of variety and quality, breakfast has stayed rather conservative.

Americans have tried several times to launch cereals in China, given the increase in milk consumption in particular among the richest and most educated social classes, but without much success for the moment.

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One thing has really changed, however: the places where breakfast is eaten, increasingly out of home (in London OpenTable web reservations for breakfasts in 4 years have increased by 275%) and the timing, no longer fixed, especially for Millennials. All this obviously has an important effect on markets and food and beverage launches that F&B multinationals as well as fast food chains are doing for fast and nutritious breakfasts, not always with great success.Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 13.31.10

Breakfast is a very popular theme in online conversations, especially through photos and live publications particularly sumptuous and appetizing. The profile of who posts these photos is mainly composed of women, young mothers of families, with rather traditionalist values and foodies.

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Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 23.11.00Beyond the individual local traditions, it is clear that breakfast is not healthy, but energetic and plentiful. Although in fact there is the vegetarian theme or some fruit such as avocado, it is mainly fatty foods that emerge, because as Seb Emina says, the author of the book “The Breakfast Bible” breakfast is a functional meal and is essential to prepare for the day, you do not know how it will go, so it is good to do it at best.