Gadgetmania going strong

Most of the themes and trends – be they consumer centered, attitudinal or behavioural – that we have been analyzing in recent times have as their focus the relationship between man and technology, many of us identify this in the use of devices and tech gadgets in general.¬†While the sales of smartphones and tablets are in slight decline, the enlarged world of gadgets is increasingly large and varied: gadgets are increasingly micro, specialized, wearable, and… unstable.

The conversations about gadgets are always growing, especially around bizarre prototypes and when they appear on crowdfunding platforms. However, the “sentiment” is not one of enthusiasm or joy, but rather of anger and resentment.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 15.29.29

It’s worth to have a deeper look at the profile of those who today are interested in talking on the web about this topic: as you can see here, they are mainly men, 40ish, the people who have lived the first part of their lives in an analogical world and still have a healthy enthusiasm for tech gadgets, especially in their role as parents.
Millennials and the very young are already so completely immersed in digital technology that they are no longer are bewitched by individual objects.

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Gadgets are becoming more and more a divertissment for the middle generation, while the real tech is the invisible one, in the cloud and in apps. It’s the one we have to deal with, and the younger generations living an onlife are already doing it naturally.