Weed Chic


Each element and substance is linked to a precise imaginary that over the years is consolidated and remains well crystallized in public opinion. For example, the whole world of cannabis has for decades been inextricably linked to the image of the relaxed junkie all symbols of peace, jeans, oversized clothes, Bob Marley or downtempo electronic music.

Things have changed for some time now, thanks to major reforms around the world, from legalization for recreational use in Canada to the availability of cannabis in the UK’s National Health Service program for patients with cancer, epilepsy, autism or mental illness, to the legal cannabis boom in Italy. In addition to this, cannabis has started to spread in music videos (rap and trap in primis, ie contemporary pop), to spread in the world of food and beauty with the launch of products based on Cbd, the Cannabidiol that, together with Thc, are the basic elements of marijuana. Finally, the iconic marijuana leaf has ended up in the collections of Vetements, Jeremy Scott and Stella McCartney. In short, cannabis has become chic, as Roising Lanigan on I-D.

Looking at the contents of the Nextatlas platform not only confirms this consolidated trend, but also shows the new uses and aesthetic dominants related to marijuana, where it emerges the use through vaping (electronic cigarettes) producer of much smoke aesthetically very impressive in these times, but especially the medical use of legal opiates and food.

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It is also interesting to see how this phenomenon is embraced above all by Gen X, who experienced first-hand this passage of image and legality and, secondly, by the very young. The Millennials would seem to be substantially out of target.  Although there are many references to the medical use of marijuana, the world of health professionals keep a certain distance from this application, which is always very appreciated by lovers of alcohol.

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