Predicting culture…is so very human

«This year alone we are witnessing a new trend of deep connection with personal identity and choices in appearance among younger generations, impacting the concepts of authenticity, privacy and freedom. These issues of identity – specifically those of race, gender and culture – play a critical role in shaping pivotal social trends. For a business to identify a trend in its infancy it needs to understand not just one world, but three: the world of people, the world of brands, and the world of culture, which is where emerging technologies like AI and machine learning are completely redefining the landscape.»
The article by our own Luca Morena stands out as a reminder of why Nextatlas is instrumental in helping brands establish effective strategies and understanding the ever so fluid target landscape.
What is the role of technology in all this? And how do we interact with an always online and interconnected audience? With something that can only come from human intelligence:
«while the omnipresent role of technology has long been heralded as our future, we’re likely to see the most successful businesses take an alternative route. Brands that reject a tech-dominant future and reclaim what it means to be human and unpredictable; brands that take it slow; and brands that embrace their role in the learning economy – they will be the ones that not only survive but thrive in the year ahead».