Food and the new cravings

The food industry is experiencing rapid changes as consumer demands are driving new products to the market. From plant-based burgers to drinks enriched with phytochemicals, there is a shift in consumer thinking when it comes to food and how the body is nourished.

Interest in functional foods has skyrocketed due to the growing self-care movement and evidence highlighting the critical link between diet and health. As a result, consumers are craving food and drinks that can sustain their robust lifestyles and provide optimal health benefits. But to do this, they are becoming inquisitive about ingredients. Today, people care about what is in their food – and they are exercising their right to know. Consequently, we are seeing a very specific, almost technical, vocabulary for what we ingest.

The food & beverage industry is trying to quickly react to ever changing consumer needs by innovating and creating nutrient dense foods with the meaningful functional benefits that more and more consumers are looking for. It is easier to access global flavours now more than ever, and people want to experience new, innovative and healthy alternatives from other cultures and parts of the world.  Concepts like cruelty free, natural, and vegan friendly gain traction and mix with the ever growing attention given to what ends up on our tables and then in our guts…

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