Tracking what will be relevant

Voguebusiness included Nexatlas among the 6 tools you need to know for trend tracking. In a recent article Maghan McDowell describes how the approach to trend forecasting has been rapidly changing.
The sort of objectivity that comes from the analysis of social web information joined with human intelligence (and knowledge) is key to quicker decision making processes. Nextatlas does that:
Former Miu Miu accessories designer and illustrator Sofia Antonielli says that many companies are already using data tools – and usage is expanding.
When Antonielli was at Miu Miu, she consulted iCoolHunt’s NextAtlas software, which uses artificial intelligence to analyse the social media behaviour of more than 300,000 influencers and their followers. The tech looks at the same types of elements that forecasters consult to identify social shifts like gender fluidity, apocalyptic mindsets and veganism. The difference is that the inputs come from platforms including Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest, which are more agile and less subjective than traditional forecasting.
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