The New Brand Activism: a new trend report

The political changes that have been occurring worldwide over the past few years, such as Trump’s election in the US, Brexit and the rise of authoritarian or conservative governments in some other countries, have spurred the population but especially brands to engage in activism.

Monitored by our platform since the beginning of 2017, this new wake of brand engagement on controversial topics seems to have been evolving these days.
We now offer a new and free trend report, in which we present this new scenario of brand activism that has especially engaged the civil rights activists.

New Brand Activism details this new scenario and gives an overview of the latest innovations. In it we highlight two curated trends that show the evolution of brand-led activism and the latest emerging topic of debate among activists. For each trend we provide data, a further explanation and extracted key points to “look ahead” for.
Finally, we address some contemporary business cases and articles on the topics we
have previously identified.

Download the full report here.

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