Millennials’ Socialism

In September 2016 Nextatlas’ trend team published a key trend to understand what was waiting for civil rights activists and societies at large in the next years: Millennials’ Socialism proved to be a highly relevant piece of content that later spawned or resurfaced in various facets of the #metoo movement, the new feminism, and so on.

To those born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, socialism is more “digital” than “real”. Meaning that, on the one hand, they perceive it on the model of Scandinavian social democracy, and on the other, as a universal service dispenser which favors – but doesn’t force – people to connect by enabling them to pursue personal goals while taking upon itself the implied costs.

Forward to February 2019: The Economist Feb 14th issue picks ups on with a beautiful cover and some articles.

Nextatlas has followed the trend’s evolution and the mapped the brands’ reactions (last week).

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