Predictions come true: the luxurification of human engagement

«As more screens appear in the lives of the poor, screens are disappearing from the lives of the rich. The richer you are, the more you spend to be offscreen. […] “The positive behaviors and emotions human engagement elicits — think the joy of a massage. Now education, health care stores, everyone, is starting to look at how to make experiences human,” Mr. Pedraza [chief executive of the Luxury Institute] said. “The human is very important right now.”»

Nellie Bowles has noticed a shift in the relationship between humans and screens in her March 23rd 2019 article for the New York Times, a shift guided by income as a matter of fact.

A very interesting matter Nextatlas has investigated first in 2017 when tasked to figure out near future scenarios.
We then noticed a growing correlation between the rise of “Robotic Surrogates” (the widespread adoption of automation) and what we called the trend of “Remote Intimacy” (direct virtual access to strangers’ daily intimacy, from porn to mainstream entertainment).

This clash led us to state the imminent confrontation with a scenario defined as “Luxury Human“: luxury defined by the presence and interaction with a real human being with which to establish a physical and empathetic relationship instead of a surrogate of such experience, mediated by technology and screens.

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