New Quarterly Reports are available

What are we to expect this year in how technology will impact our lives?
How has the F&B industry been moving in the first months of 2019 and what trends will be growing from now on?

We faced these matters in the new Quarterly Reports now available for purchase on our website.

Tech & Lifestyle report is centred on the theme of responsibility, be it personal, social or industrial.

Endless possibilities, easily accessible information and custom made services developed through almost instantaneous procedures. Isn’t this the future we always dreamt of? If we just stop and think for a second the changes we have witnesses in the last 30 years, and how such changes have affected in reality the whole world (for better or worse) we do have to also consider another topical point to be that we, as human beings and as societies did not have the time to adapt accordingly.

Food & Beverage uses Nextatlas trends to discover the new directions veg-based diets are taking.

Whoever went vegan (or vegetarian) before the 2010s had to make a leap of faith, basing their choice on sketchy information, deep belief and facing a lot of hardship. A concurrence of factors has helped spreading the information: from climate change advocacy to ethical positions all gained visibility through all media, and Social Media especially helped in allowing to get in direct contact with vocal forerunners, early adopters and thought leaders from all around the world.